Fun Youth Basketball Camp Games

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Basketball Camp Games


Youth basketball camps are a great way for kids to improve their skills, stay active, and have fun during the summer. While traditional drills and scrimmages can be beneficial, incorporating games into the camp can make the experience even more enjoyable for the participants. In this article, we will explore some fun youth basketball camp games that coaches can incorporate into their program.

Dribble Knockout

Dribble Knockout is a classic game that is sure to get the kids’ competitive juices flowing. The game is played with a group of players dribbling a ball in a defined area. The objective is to knock the ball away from other players while maintaining control of your own ball. The last player with a ball wins the round.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato is a simple game that requires players to pass the ball to each other quickly. The coach sets a timer for a certain amount of time, and the players must pass the ball to each other as many times as possible before the time runs out. The catch is that the player who is holding the ball when the timer goes off is out. The game continues until only one player is left.


Knockout is a fast-paced game that requires accuracy and speed. The coach selects two players to start the game, and they stand at the free-throw line with a ball. The objective is to shoot the ball into the basket before the other player does. If you make the shot, you get to retrieve the ball and try to knock the other player’s ball away from the basket. If you succeed, the other player is out. The game continues until there is only one player left.

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is a fun game that requires teamwork and strategy. The coach selects a few players to be the “sharks,” and the rest of the players are the “minnows.” The minnows line up on one end of the court, and the sharks line up on the other end. The objective is for the minnows to make it to the other end of the court without getting tagged by a shark. If a minnow is tagged, they become a shark. The game continues until all the minnows have been tagged.

Around the World

Around the World is a shooting game that can be played individually or in teams. The coach selects a spot on the court, and the player(s) must make a shot from that spot before moving on to the next spot. The game continues until the player(s) make a shot from every spot on the court.


Horse is a classic basketball game that can be played with two or more players. The first player takes a shot from anywhere on the court, and if they make it, the next player must take the same shot. If they miss, they receive a letter “H.” The game continues until one player spells out the word “horse.”

Steal the Bacon

Steal the Bacon is a game that requires speed and agility. The coach places an object, such as a ball or cone, in the center of the court. The players are divided into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the court. The coach calls out a number, and the players from each team with that number run to the center of the court to try and grab the object and bring it back to their side without getting tagged by the other team.


Incorporating games into your youth basketball camp can make the experience more enjoyable for the participants while still improving their skills. These games are just a few examples of the many options available. Get creative and have fun!

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